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About HRGC

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From the beginning of the existence of our congregation, our main apostolate is evangelization through holistic education for the young, and uplifting the dignity of women. Since 1928, our sisters, in carrying out the vision of our founder Bishop Joseph Shanahan CSSP of the blessed memory, established schools in different parts of Nigeria.

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At HRGC, our daily inspiration comes from our mission & our vision.

Read our statements to learn more!

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In order to qualify for admission into HRGC, the following conditions for eligibility MUST be met:

  • Age
  • Class etc

The admission process includes:

  • Purchase form
  • Return form etc.
Other Info
  • Sale of forms usually commences in January? of each year
  • Entance exams usually hold in May of each year
  • Entrance is for JSS1 or SSS1.
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